Female student suspended after protesting dress code crackdown on bra straps

A Canadian girl suspended from school after her dress was deemed a ‘sexual distraction’ has won an army of supporters on social media. Lauren Wiggins said she's tired of the

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May 23,  · A North Carolina student at Hickory Ridge High School was recently suspended for wearing a shirt that revealed her collarbones. The teenager, an .
Two teenage boys are suspended from high school for wearing DRESSES to class after teachers insisted the outfits were a 'distraction' - even though they complied with the strict dress code.
Aug 06,  · An year-old senior from an Idaho high school was suspended with 30 minutes left in the school year because she disagreed with a teacher over the length of her dress. Apparently, the school has a kneecap-length rule for dresses, and the teacher felt that the dress was too short.
Jul 17,  · After much pressure, the school suspended enforcement of the dress code until the end of the year. Noticing a trend In recent years, black girls have been sent home for wearing dreads, .
May 21,  · An Idaho high school senior is speaking out after she was suspended with just minutes left in the school year because of a dispute about the length of her dress.
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Two teenage boys are suspended from high school for wearing DRESSES to class after teachers insisted the outfits were a 'distraction' - even though they complied with the strict dress code.

The principal was not satisfied with that step and asked Summer to completely change her outfit. According to NBC Charlotte, Summer had "a number of issues" with her principal through her high school experience, and Summer's mother has asked the school to call her before taking any more disciplinary action against the teenager.

A student at Hickory Ridge High School was asked to change her shirt, then things escalated. Cline at Hickory Ridge High S… https: During a school assembly later that day, the principal entered with a security guard and asked everyone to leave except for summer.

We have tried to call your mother. You either come with me to the control room to change your shirt or we will arrest you. Summer was not arrested, but Yahoo reported she was given a day suspension from school and was banned from all senior activities including her own high school graduation.

In charter schools, kindergarten through eighth grade, those rates are even higher. In fact, Daniel J. Losen, director of the Center for Civil Rights Remedies, found that at the highest-suspending charter schools in the nation, the majority of students were black.

Though databases for infractions vary from state to state, in a recent analysis, half of suspensions in charter schools were for minor nonviolent offenses, including dress code violations.

Specifically, Losen's research shows that in Massachusetts, the Cooks' home state, black students at charters lose 24 more days of instruction to suspension than do white students. Carter Andrews, assistant dean of equity outreach initiatives at Michigan State University, says that black females are more likely to receive harsher discipline than their white and Latina counterparts. Her research on zero tolerance policies and their outcomes shows that they enforce a marginalization of black girls in schools.

Which can, in practice, criminalize their black identity. She finds it strange that hair would even be part of a dress code. It's not a choice, but an aspect of one's body. Which raises a question: Is a zero tolerance policy for hair — where students can be suspended without warning — less about a dress code and more about a racial code? In her research, Carter Andrews has found that this type of policing has a detrimental effect on black girls in schools and how their peers view them, further enforcing negative stereotypes.

Black girls are often seen as being loud or aggressive and are overly disciplined because of that stigma. Andrews finds that leads to low self-esteem and underperformance in school for these students.

Jamilia Blake, who looks at the " adultification " of black girls in schools, believes stereotypes of black adults are put on black children in schools, and black girls in particular. Blake sees strict dress codes as a way of targeting certain students without using racial language.

By using certain restrictions on hairstyles and dress, school officials are enforcing the policing of black youth. What do you disagree with? What did I forget to include? Tell me in the comments. You can follow the author, Jessica Booth , on Twitter or Instagram. Follow Gurl, pretty please! Facebook , Twitter , Tumblr and Instagram. You can still be fashionable and still study.

Even if the dress code was applied to both genders students would still try to look good and follow the dress code at the same time. Gurl 6 outdated relationship phrases you don't need. Key Facts 8 important things to know about your first period.

Dryden girl's suspension for dress code violation lessened after mom's Facebook video. On Wednesday, a year-old girl was suspended from Dryden High School for a dress code violation. May 10,  · A year-old Ontario high school student posted signs accusing the dress code of "objectifying women" and "perpetuating rape culture.". A school district in Texas is re-evaluating its dress code policy after a male student was given an in-school suspension for wearing makeup to class. The student at Shadow Creek High School in.

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