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Stay at TripAdvisor's #1 hotel in Pigeon Forge, Courtyard Pigeon Forge, offering action-packed amenities like a lazy river, outdoor pool & Riverwalk trail.

Severe thunderstorms with heavy rain, hail , damaging winds and tornadoes occur in the area during the spring and summer months. Featuring an endless amount of music, succulent local and regional delicacies, one-of-a-kind handmade arts and crafts, second line parades and so much more — there is something for everyone at Jazz Fest! Redevelopment of Cabrini under the historic transformation plan initiated in calls for 1, new public housing units to replace those lost in the demolished Cabrini Extensions and Green Homes.

The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk, New Orleans, LA. 47K likes/5(K).
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Stay at TripAdvisor's #1 hotel in Pigeon Forge, Courtyard Pigeon Forge, offering action-packed amenities like a lazy river, outdoor pool & Riverwalk trail.
Oct 02,  · The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk is the nation's first downtown outlet center. We are a vibrant waterfront destination offering upscale fashion, local culinary flavors and the revelry one would expect to find in the City of New Orleans.4/4().

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This set up is a merchandising nightmare! It is too odd to describe accurately. Anyone who walks into the mall for the first time usually stops dead in their tracks as if to evaluate whether or not what is before them is a figment of their imagination. Unfortunately we do not have a time machine that can turn this oddly segregated space back into an anchor.

You have to take all sorts of contorted turns to get there, and even then you get lost. It runs into dead end walls with no signage or markings. You have to find an elevator in this white hall that looks like it is straight out of Clockwork Orange, to get down to Borders.

What they should do in my opinion is bulldoze the parking structures behind the mall that piss so many people off. Create a third and forth anchor space in each of these two locations, one on the New Arcade side, and one on the Plankinton Arcade side.

Open the mall directly into these anchors. This would require some reworking. Get rid of the shops on the southern side of the New Arcade half of the mall, where the anchor would adjoin. Similarly, on the Plankinton side of the mall, get rid of one of the big box stores Linens will soon be gone anyway and use that southern wall to connect to another major anchor. This would mitigate the need for the plexiglass border upstairs.

Stores do not belong in hallways! It would open the Grand staircase back up as a means to travel between the two floors. This misuse of the Grand staircase has annoyed me since the hideous design was put into place. It would also give the mall its hallway back. This would require very little effort. This open air concept would create a much better traffic pattern, and mitigate the effects of the now barbell-shaped mall which has such a dichotomy with its incohesive two halves.

TJ Max would serve as the mini anchor of the mall. The other two new anchors would balance the mall in the north-south direction, so that it looks more like a traditional mall. Parking could be reconfigured to go under the two new anchors, as was done with the Boston Store a few years ago.

In addition, parking could be relegated to the tops of the anchors. The small former Gimbels parking structure could be leveled to create a much more efficient and larger parking space. Do away with the leased parking arrangement. I guess everyone has an idea. Prange Way August 6th, at 1: I think the most important thing to consider here is the fact that enclosed malls, as they were, are mostly a thing of the past.

Think about the enclosed malls that have remained successful over the past decade or so. This is NOT the case anymore, and malls need a new gimmick. Asia, Europe, and the rest of the world seem to be in a period of puppy-love fascination with malls, as we were from the 50ss… But I digress.

CoryTJ August 6th, at 3: To be clear Prange Way, despite my concerns with Southridge, it has its own niche. I would compare it to Hawthorne Center in Illinois. Simon just needs to spend some time developing the one anchor and updating the mall. If it is ignored, I could see things degrading quickly. But they are very stylized, which I think will forever tie them to this decade. The neighborhoods are the saving graces for these centers. Bayshore is a novelty right now, but it has not been as well received as developers would have hoped.

My concern with all this lifestyle center stuff is that we are in Wisconsin. And the condos above Bayshore are not filling up. Tenants in Bayshore are starting to complain already. This is not a good indication. I have to disagree with you on some points. I think that anything other than an enclosed center will not work downtown. I do agree with you though, that there must be something different about this particular center. A hip hop clothing store? A pleather handbag joint? We are a tightass crowd here in downtown Milwaukee, and diversity is not cool with the locals.

They serve a utilitarian purpose. The concept was just not developed enough. And it is my firm belief that this particular mall needs a knockout anchor. Our other malls, even the beloved Mayfair and Brookfield Square and Bayshore have the same damn anchors: The tenant mix in this mall needs to look a little different….

Centers like that will be facing the same problems of trying to reinvent themselves in another decade or so. Grand Ave offers a unique perk: Our demographic is very conservative and frugal, as mentioned above. This needs to be addressed. Milwaukee has been very vocal about what they want downtown. Developers have just not listened very well. Jonah Norason August 6th, at 1: CoryTJ August 6th, at 2: You cannot have a viable mall with only one anchor: And they reduced the store from six floors plus a basement, to just two floors.

This is one mall that has everything going for it in terms of location and potential foot traffic. With some effort, it could become a viable hot spot once again.

It just needs to be reworked. I posted some ideas above. The the store would be fully contained under the soffits, and there would be no need to sprawl into the hallway.

Add another anchor opening into each arcade and develop around them. Jonah Norason August 6th, at 2: Chip August 6th, at 5: This biggest problem here is that it is a downtown mall. Nearly every suburban style mall built in an urban core has failed. CoryTJ August 6th, at 5: Ritz Camera now packed up shop and left the mall. There are plans under way right now for the corner of 4th St. There is talk of major revitalization. I just hope they set it into motion soon. The clock is ticking! The points made are all sound, but nothing especially new.

We can only hope. Bon-Ton to keep the Boston Store and their headquarters operations open when the lease expires in less than two years. One thing that would help would be for the Barrett administration to use the power of eminent domain and force the owners of some of the vacant or underutilized buildings directly across from the mall on Wisconsin avenue to either improve or lose their properties.

With the exception of the Hampton Inn and Suites in the old Security Bank building, most of the structures look downright seedy. Unfortunately, Barrett seems like too nice a guy to do anything so drastic.

I honestly feel that if Norquist were still mayor, he would have done this; he spoke about it in print more than once. CoryTJ August 10th, at 8: I would love it if it were a Great Indoors location. I would love it even more if they would just reconfigure that entire first level in the Plankinton Arcade and go vertically instead of horizontally with the stores -and- get everything out of the hallway.

CEW, a question for you. Does the article make it sound like they are planning on another anchor store as part of the new development on 4th street? They also spoke of a Target store south of the mall.

I agree; the refurbished Plankinton Arcade is ugly and rather demeaning. If memory serves, some Chicago developers bought the parking lot immediately north of the mall, so that is a possibility in terms of expansion. The last credible rumor I heard about Target was that they were focused on the Park East. But that rumor is at least a year old, so take it for what it is worth. I wish Milwaukee would get more aggressive — even just a little — with TIF money. Oops — my bad.

CoryTJ August 11th, at Let me offer some examples: H20 Plus opened a beautiful store and left. Then a couple years later they reopened it, only to have it fail. Then they came back yet another time after a few hotels and the convention center opened, in hopes of promised increased traffic. They sent out postcards to former customers touting the re-opened store.

The traffic did not materialize, and once again they liquidated. In an attempt to have some presence at Grand Ave. Finally they gave up. Now its this new place, Tomato Destination, a local vendor. GAP pulled out when their 20 year lease expired. They had previously cut the cord early on Banana Republic and just paid their lease term after closing. Same with Gap Kids and Baby Gap. With that side of the mall virtually empty again, they are not doing well.

The fact of the matter is, Grand Avenue has a captive audience, but downtown employees just refuse to shop there. I can attest to this personally. It was frustrating as hell. I talked to managers at national chains who were continually chastised by their district managers for not making sales figures.

If they wanted to fire a manager, trust me, they transfered them to Grand Avenue where they were destined to fail. Then they would close the Grand Avenue location and not have to worry about placing a good employee at another location.

And this is only if miracles are being handed out. The most recent article to which you referred, CEW, noted that retail downtown was overbuilt ahead of its time…it preceded a housing boom downtown instead of following it. Can this change with all these new condos downtown?

But it will take something major to draw people to the mall since it has such a stigma of blandness. That is not a good indication. What do you think? But then, they have to. Ashkenazy could, of course, prove me wrong by changing their strategy — but they seem to be stubbornly sticking with it.

I think Best Buy might be persuaded to locate there. A couple of years ago there was an unsubstantiated rumor that an IHOP was going in the mall. I do know this: CoryTJ August 12th, at The retailers that are making an honest margin seem to be those at either end of the extreme: Grand Avenue needs to decide what its identity is.

It cannot continue to waffle on the fence no pun with regard to your IHOP reference. I had to laugh out loud at your comment about the pen not even being out.

I had the same thought. Your observation is correct: Ashkanazy is just not in touch with this market. George Watts alluded to Smith when he ran for public office. A few key stores AND the elimination of the parking fees would do the trick. That is, along with an extensive campaign promoting the new stores unique to Grand Ave.

The wig shops and foolish array of local flavor need to go. Local stores are great if they are professionally run; like Goldi for example. I just have a feeling that the new tenant for Linens is going to be a huge disappointment.

Any bets on what it will be? CoryTJ September 8th, at Check out the online version of the Business Journal from last week for three medium-length articles about the Grand. True — so far as it goes. The Journal article on Shopko caught me by surprise. Not sure how well they would fit downtown, though any new retail is probably better than none. The Ghazi proposal sure seems less likely at this time. First they said there would be no office component. Then they said there would be.

Then they said there would be no condo component not surprising, given the housing market. Whatever they do, obtaining the financing will be difficult in the current environment. They deserve props for trying, though. Ken December 3rd, at 2: We visited this mall for the first time over Thanksgiving weekend, I was eager to see what it was like based on what I had read here. It was sad to see all the vacant stores. Just looking at the architecture and general configuration of the mall, it is clear that this was, at some point in time, an absolute treasure.

It was also disappointing to see that Boston Store closed at 6: Walking the mall with my family made it clear to me that I would never let my children alone at this mall if we lived in the Milwaukee area. Clearly the food court does a booming business with all of the downtown workers. We walked to the mall from our hotel so I cannot comment on the parking. CoryTJ January 20th, at 8: The Plankinton Arcade has a mere 4 stores left: It also has a tailor, and one restaurant, The Chocolate Factory.

Now the New Arcade is emptying out. The latest to leave: Ashkenazy Acquisitions still continues to deny that the mall is dying. Where are these fabulous new tenants they promised. The street access was a huge seller to the retailer, who only has major national competitors. The retailer will be announced after they have officially signed the lease. At that point, I suppose the city might be forced to take ownership of the mall.

That did, in fact, happen with City Center in Columbus. Jonah Norason January 31st, at More security is needed, and a new team of tenants need to come in. In fact, the mall kind of reminds me of The Galleria , which used to have plenty of neat stores in it, more on that later.

Borders should be moved to the mall, and with that, maybe a grocery store or discount store of some sort, and definitely some mixed-use, but not condos. Is there enough people downtown to make a magnet school? Justin Hill February 1st, at 6: For 3, Jonah, I think Shopko should consider opening their discount store inside of Grand Avenue Mall, instead of outside of it in a separate building.

I think Shopko would be perfect for Grand Avenue, since Shopko is a well-known retailer in Wisconsin. While I would not think that I would find a blog about retail stores interesting, Labelscar is actually a really good read. Hi from Milwaukee, Ross! Michael April 7th, at I will return later to read the rest. I can remember shopping with my parents at Grand Avenue for Christmas presents as a child.

I also remember how clean the place was; the janitorial staff was constantly buffing the gold railings. I remember the businessmen getting their shoes shined. I remember walking through the Boston Store skywalk into the big blue building which seemed so mystical at night when all the workers left, then into the Hyatt. These are some great memories invoked by this blog!! Boston Store is keeping the place alive. Perhaps Greenstreet and UWM could help out with the planning.

This is too good of a location to do this badly. Is the tipped hat, marijuana-smelling, baggy-pant-sporting the clientele they wish to attract? Leisure suits and airbrushed Al Pacino shirts invoke visions of urban blight, payless shoes, and trash lined sidewalks.

Their existence there is plain and simply alienating to anyone with any sense of class and quality. The Grand Avenue needs to dump the bottom feeders, and follow it by having security kick out anyone with a tipped hat—like they used to do.

Or are things so desperate that they need any money they can get is this even a question? I would like to thank CoryTJ for the excellent information and insight. He is definitely an excellent source of information and perspective that urban planners need. He should copy and paste his messages to those running the mall. He sounds like he could follow in the footsteps of Steve Smith. Wow I have to leave now!! Cheesehead Gal April 21st, at 3: I was fortunate enough to have shopped at the Grand Ave.

At that time it was by far the best mall in the Milwaukee area—Northridge was already starting its decline, Mayfair was old and dumpy, Bayshore was much smaller, and both Southridge and Broofield Square were quite a hike if you lived on the north or east sides of the Milwaukee metro area. I was in Milwaukee this past August and just walking past the mall along Wisconsin Avenue was immensely depressing. Despite the failure of so many downtown malls, it would be wonderful if the owners and the city of Milwaukee could find a way to capitalize on the vitality of area where the mall is located.

Michael April 29th, at 8: Biggie May 1st, at CoryTJ June 1st, at 5: Well, just what Grand Avenue needed…possibly the final nail in its coffin: The occupancy rate is horrific. Of course, this did not come to fruition. They typically do not dump properties, but when are they going to pump some money into this dead center?

Are they waiting for them to leave in hopes of filling the space with another anchor that is not represented anywhere else in the Milwaukee area? They did, in fact, purchase one shopping center and unload it a couple of years later. Put another way, that means a lot of stores and shopping centers are going to go under in the next few years. CoryTJ June 8th, at 7: I think they need to reconfigure the mall and open up the Plankinton Arcade again by taking down the hideous plexiglass walls around the second floor.

That would involve moving TJ Maxx to a new location so that the Grand Staircase could once again function.

They could relocate the parking structure across the street by tearing down the former Gimbels ramp ridiculously small and occupying the entire block for a much larger structure. The extra space created by relocating the current parking ramp could be used to add a second and third anchor, which the center desperately needs if it ever hopes to be viable again.

The south wall of the Plankinton Arcade could serve as entrances to the new Anchors. This might create some much needed traffic for Grand Avenue. The other anchor would be the relocated TJ Maxx. These could be removed and in their space and the adjacent vacant first floor of the newly renovated building former bank building could serve as a counter for the Post Office.

With the larger, more effective parking structure to the south of the mall, the parking garages in the New Arcade could also be removed to provide room for another anchor store absent from the downtown: Stores currently located on the south wall of the new arcade could be relocated upstairs. This would effectively serve to fill the vacant space while providing businesses and services that would better serve the downtown clientele.

Once a pattern of traffic is established, Ashkenazy could target specialty vendors not yet represented in current surrounding malls to take up space in Grand Avenue as part of a package lease program with more attractive Ashkenazy properties elsewhere in the country.

Put a satellite station in the currently vacant basement of the Grand Avenue in the Plankinton Arcade to establish a presence in the mall. It formerly served as a location for Patricia Stevens Career College. Trust me, thugs that have warrants will not want to patronize Grand Ave. Talk about built in mall security. Butter up Mayor McCheese Barrett to get this to happen. He loves to be in the spotlight. More than anything, these changes would instill a sense of activity and utility to the currently DEAD space.

Blue Collar June 23rd, at 2: Great to see the place hanging on. My first entry into the Grand Avenue Mall was when it was not even closed in yet. Roof sections had just been installed, and it still resembled the back alley it once was. Rouse Development had been selling an urban renewal bill of goods to many city councils nationwide at that time. Grand Avenue was welcome work in a declining economy, and I scurried the back hallways and underground tunnels like a rat chasing cheese.

It was my home away from home, and was an amusing place to work before and after it opened. The panes of glass in the main atrium skylights are strong enough to walk on.

Standing out in the center of them and looking through my feet at the bustling shoppers below was quite an experience! It will be interesting to see how this mall holds up.

In my opinion, the suggestion that the MPD might occupy the former Patricia Stevens space is a good one. Shady characters seeking victims quickly tried to move into the mall as soon as it opened, and keeping it safe and crime free will always be an issue. CoryTJ July 6th, at The Grand Avenue has apparently leased out the space that used to house the First Bank. The tenant is interesting: I was glad to see Kaplan coming into the center because many professionals, myself included, must take continuing education credits and classes for various professional designations.

Kaplan will draw these potential consumers to the mall and generate some traffic. The new Kaplan is right by my office downtown. Now having said that, I have to say I am baffled by Grand Avenue to this day. The new convention center was supposed to bolster traffic in the mall. When the beautiful new center opened, nothing happened. So new hotels were built, two of which conveniently connect to the the mall.

Then the mall added an OfficeMaxx that was supposed to draw revenue from downtown business needing their product offerings and services. On any given day you will find two people, maybe, in this huge store. You could bowl down any aisle and not hit anyone. The mall also houses the corporate offices for Bon Ton, which includes all the buyers. Then came TJ Maxx. The mall has coffee shops, two banks, an office supply store, a Walgreens for local downtown patrons, an anchor store, and condos right on top of the damn thing, parking garages, the YMCA and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Annex in the upper levels of the Plankinton building.

The mall is surrounding by fine dining like Capital Grille. Festivals at the lakefront. Developments in the neighboring third and fifth wards. Even with free rent, Grand Ave is a losing proposition. I speak from experience. Jonah Norason Pseudo3D July 6th, at 9: OK…suppose if the basement became a police sub-station, the first floor was restored, and Shopko managed to get in the mall?

And what if Gimbels was gutted again and Borders moved in? CoryTJ July 8th, at 6: Borders already occupies part of the old Gimbels space.

Were you thinking that Borders could be relocated in the mall, making the space available for another anchor? My personal opinion regarding Shopko is that it would not be a great fit for Grand Ave. JC Penney would be a nice compliment since they do some things like draperies and domestics far better than any mid-tier.

And finally they have done much to revamp their offerings in clothing and other soft goods. Want to keep them downtown? Stop giving them reasons to venture out of the area. Again, it must serve its consumer base. If the other changes I mentioned previously took place, the mall could work.

Like I said, it needs to be reconfigured with the downtown population in mind. The parking garages need to be leveled and relocated across the street to allow these changes to take place.

The mall has long been misunderstood by its owners and has suffered. Jonah Norason Pseudo3D Reply: July 8th, at 1: The parking garages would be razed for a third anchor JCPenney. July 8th, at 3: The first report released, while not focusing solely on the mall, does make some interesting points.

One is that any tangible results will take time — five years or so nothing new there. TLock July 16th, at July 16th, at 6: July 22nd, at I was fresh out of college, and Kitty took me under her wing. She taught me the good, the bad, and the ugly of corporate america. She also showed me that being successful and happy in life has nothing to do with how much money you make. Jobs come and go, but you always remember the people that touched your life in a profound way.

Kitty was an amazing human being. Many, many, many great memories of sheepshead parties, great food, good wine, tons of laughs, deep conversations about the meaning of life, and even a few middle of the night capers to retrieve the wooden indian statue. She is no longer with us, but I think of her often. I can still see her glowing smile and hear that girlish laugh of hers.

July 28th, at 8: This is a long shot but would like to learn more of your thoughts of Kitty. I was her boyfriend at Purdue and just learned of her passing in April Found your comments after Google search.

ChrisH August 1st, at Thanks for all of this awesome info. I decided a few days ago to do some research about all the fuzzy spots which their were plenty of and stumbling across this thread has been more than I could ever hoped for. CoryTJ September 16th, at 9: It gives the appearance of activity, and it has brought some traffic to the mall, as I had anticipated. Similarly, the Public Market has new tenants and a fresh new look inside.

And the local retailers have stepped up their game, opening beautiful boutiques like Cranston, and some high-end designer clothing stores.

If ever Grand Ave had a chance to do something, it is now. Did you by any chance send your suggestion of having a police substation in the Grand Avenue to the chief of police? The idea of having a career camp day school in the Plankinton arcade is interesting and deserves a look.

Shopping at Boston Store at the Grand Avenue tonight was something of a depressing experience. A lot of the higher-end menswear e. But it does mean that the general level of merchandise continues to decline. And the store at the Grand no longer carries a great deal of basic things. The clerk mentioned that for a short time around Christmas they will have pajamas and robes, but that customers constantly ask for them the rest of the year.

Maybe it would even be a good thing if Bon-Ton did close the downtown location, if it would mean that a FULL-service store e. And it might force Ashkenazy to finally get serious about the mall. CoryTJ October 8th, at The apathy is just a reflection of Ashkenazy as a whole.

If Boston Store left, it would signal complete defeat of the center, although I agree with your position in theory. Grand Avenue was once a barbell shaped mall. Beware of your personal belongings. It has been thirteen 13 days since my room was robbed supposedly by an employee s and I have yet to receive a return telephone call or any other form of communication from the Fort Myers, Florida location manager, John Lai, or any other La Quinta corporate manager or officer of the company, for that matter!!

I was a guest of La Quinta, S. The Fort Myers city police were called. A theft report was made. I called him the next day but was told that he was on vacation!! What the Sam Hell?? Is this company for real?? I Think it is grass that you allow pets. I am traveling with my spouse and a toddler and no one at this hotel seems to be concerned with anyone who is waiting and there are numerous families who are not being accommodated.

We are spending our hard earned money in the city of San Antonio supporting the Alamo Bowl and this La Quinta staff is a joke. I recently reserved a room for families members who had lost their home due to job loss.

The manager of the hotel went over and above helping me with the reservation! One of the family members is battling stage 4 cancer.

The manager Sarah Jenkins made sure there a small Christmas Tree on the tabletop a balloon wishing them merry Christmas and a small box of chocolates. I am blown away by her thoughtfulness!

It was a planned trip to spend time with our grandchildren. So of course their was pool time planned into the visit. Well, we were unable to use the pool due to the dirty water, with dirt sXXXX bubbles and a pissy green tinge! It was so full that it flowed into the pool, extra gross. The window ledge had lots of dead bugs all on it also, I have pictures to prove it all, I have been waiting for a call from someone anyone for days!

They have taken my report, and the only contact is when I call to complain more. They offered me a one day stay at another establishment. Who makes plans to stay 1 day at a hotel, motel, Holiday Inn? La Quinta sucks, and they must have some people living in the hotel, cause the same kids run all over the place into the pool, gym area etc.

I have been faced for many months now a very unusual situation involving my rewards points. However, within a few weeks of this great bonus being applied, the points suddenly and without notification or substantuating reasons for such, simply and inexplicably were removed. To preface this unusual occurrence, which has led up me to following up with the Rewards Department..

We were literally emergency evacced out of the house by a licensed mold inspector. Many family members were severely sickened by the toxic mold, and a couple almost required hospitalization. Sadly, we lost everything of material value.

These losses include all furniture, clothing, and most importantly, irreplaceable items such family memorabilia. Thankfully, and most importantly, however, by the grace of God we did not lose our lives.

Subsequently, this tragedy forced my family unexpectedly, and in the middle of the Christmas holidays.. We had a very wonderful stay. The staff there reached out compassionately towards our family, helping us in numerous ways that actually went well beyond their job descriptions. I had to find the best possible ways marketing support of showing our Great appreaction. I also took part in these conversations with corporate managers over the phone, who approved the points completely to my family.

Approximately one week later, I was emailed a beautiful welcome into the gold status. Then, following this email, I was contacted by a rep in the Rewards Department, who was actually.. But she reminded me that this figure was far from completion, as they were working into the tabulations 2 rooms over 3 months.

Shockingly, however, following all of this work, and during the week of March the 18th, our rooms were canceled. Then, the points also mysteriously disappeared. This caused an immediate hardship as were unable to move into our new place until March Thus, my family went horrifically from displacement to homelessness as soon as this occurred. More importantly, it was extremely difficult to ascertain the reasons why our rooms were no being longer covered.

Hotel staff informed me that our leasing company had cancelled the rooms. CirXXXXstances were already extremely problematic with our then leasing company because of the legalities involved with the toxic mold. However, we were unaware of there being any issues with our stay at the LaQuinta. Yet, because of being concerned about whether we were still clients in good standing with the staff, I did enquire with the manager..

Manager, Chiquuta, said that we had been excellent guests — I too believe that we were, and so pray this to sincerely be the case with staff as well. Because of the added convenience of being a hotel chain, not only excellent in service and accomodations, but one that additionally has numerous locations throughout the states — LQ has become a Tremendous lifesaver.

LQ was there during the multitudes of times that we traveled to visit my daughter, who attended both Valdosta University and the University of Georgia graduating from UGA. The staff there as always are wonderful. So, these reps have sent many emails to your corporate office, seeking assistance in the replacement of the points. Therefore, I am writing today because of speaking with a rep over a week ago who did the same again; however, when I followed up the other day, speaking with Ms.

Joanne Oklahoma , she did not even see no rates in my account any follow conversations having occurred since July! Therefore, because of being such long and loyal customers of the LQ chain, I am requesting that the corporate office please research my account on the particulars given, and at your earliest convenience can your office follow up with me. I am currently in the process of relocating to the Harrisburg area of PA, and as a single physically challenged retiree, I could really use the assistance of being able to access some of my points, as I search out the local housing market.

Additionally, I was able to verify the points being placed in my account through an on line account summary which listed my account as having a balance of: The LaQuinta reservation agent had expressed concern, as I had been aware that the points were made inactive, though I was unaware. Deena had requested that I hold as she speak to her supervisor. I was assured that my credit card would not be charged the full rate, and that the General Manager would make the adjustments without question.

They had emailed the General Manager, Chris Hill in my presence at the time. I had spoken to Patrick, then his supervisor Daniel, then his supervisor Brittany.

Unfortunately my request was repeatedly deferred. In spite of it being only 4: With so many negative comments, my family would like to share a positive note regarding one of your employees. I just have to say that from the moment we arrived until we checked out, she was so helpful in every way. What a great personality this employee has.

Employees like this make you want to come back, and we will. Please do something nice for this employee. She deserves it, and more. Thank her for making our stay much better than it might have been. I arrived at the hotel around There were three people behind the desk when I arrive. The first well only agent that greeted me when I approached the desk seemed genuinely interested in helping. Of course we spoke and she asked how she could assist. I told the young lady that I wanted to check in.

She asked for my Id and method of payment. I gave her my id and I inquired about paying cash for my room, as I always do, i was told with such a hateful tone and demeanor by another agent Alicia, who identified herself as the manager at the time. However, I have never heard of being charged twice for one room. The treatment I received when asking the simplest of questions almost made me, not only, not want to stay at this hotel but any other LQ.

I had driven for 13 hours and was entirely too sleepy to continue driving. I asked the agent who was assisting me first to hold the room while I step outside. The VERY rude agent Alicia began discussing me with the other workers standing behind the desk again in a very rude and unprofessional manor. I stepped out to speak with the returns department concerning company policies and procedures and to make sure they were in line with the treatment I was receiving.

The agent continued to discuss me with the other workers in such a distasteful manor. After I provided the agent with my credit card and id i was finally able to check into the room. The agent request to make a copy of my ID which I find very unnerving because LQ has all of my information if something was to go wrong and I have never been ask to allow a copy of my ID to be kept by the agent. Once I was able to get into my room and collect my thoughts I called back to the front desk to ask for the general Managers information but the agent refused to provide it.

I inquired about his last name to direct my concerns to the correct location person. I contacted the returns department and they advised that I would have to speak with the GM on Monday about my concerns.

I did a little additional research on this hotel and it turns out that I am not the only person to have an issue with check-in and this same agent. Clearly there is no desire by management to have return business to this location because of the treatment being provided to the first time guest.

This is one of the worst customer experiences I have ever had. Actions such as this are the reason consumers switch brands.

There is no way that Hilton would allow this sort of treatment to their guest. FYI the room at the double tree was only 30 more dollars. The 30 bucks would have been well spent to avoid this type of ending to my night and trip. I hope that this email finds the right people to help LQ correct this problem so that LQ can continue to grow and show appreciation for their guest nothing like what I received on this evening. San Antonio TX for Business. I have talked to the employees four times and requested that the owners call me.

After reading some of the other blogs I doubt I will stay at any of them unless it is the last resort. I do under stand about criminals , but it would be nice to know that the establishment has a proper surveillance system to protect their paying customers and help bring Justice to the people that hurt their possibly returning customers. As a paying guest this does not make me feel safe staying with LQ. This was my first and last time I will every stay with this establishment.

I find it to be very interesting this property has one way in and out with a Waffle House pretty much setting in their parking lot and they WH feels the need for security cameras. I have worked in the Condo. I was very concerned about my stay at la quinta in Houston Galeria area in Texas.

I stay in that hotel because it is close to my destination. During my stay My car was broken into. I really did not pay attention to it because there is security all night. I left the hotel noticing the door was slightly opened and the center console was open.

I did not think anything of it since the securities vehicle was right next to mine. From the hotel I went straight home and as I arrived, I noticed items were missing. It is really disappointing that I trusted the hotel with my safety.

I contacted the hotel to voice my concern and was just told that I had no proof. I feel my safety is not of concern to the hotel. I have always trusted La Quinta as my hotel of preference.

Again this a message regarding your company la quinoa inn and suites located at paradise rd las Vegas. A former employee was sexually harrassed by a guest, she filed a complaint telling the supervisor- Jenn sandoval- and executive housekeeper — Carmen whitford- about the incident. Nothing was done to take care of this situation. The manager did not call the police and soon the former employee quit because she felt very uncomfortable and endangered knowing her own supervisor did nothing about it.

Yesterday many employees who were not of Hispanic race got called into the supervisors office for write ups and verbal warnings, we the employees feel discriminated against.

As I stated before our hours are getting cut down to a merely 6 hours a day. We were told upon hiring that we would be guaranteed 40 hours a week as full time employees. Carmen whitford has over hired housekeepers to keep us from getting our hours. We also have an inadequate supply of amenities to fully complete the rooms for the guests, we always run out of towels, sheets,wash clothes, etc.

Their was another time we had a rat infestation in which the fecal and urine matter were left on the sheets and towels. The manager knew about it yet failed to properly dispose the contaminated sheets and towels, guests as well as the employees could of fallen ill. Many employees here feel overworked Carmen whitford cannot properly make our boards, she constantly lies about anything and everything. Jenn Sandoval launder money given to her by the coporation in which she keeps for her yearly bonuses.

Their needs to be something done about this, things are getting worse here by the day. New are not properly trained and often times left to train themselves.

We have many non English speaking housekeepers in which they cannot communicate with guests that are not fluent in spanish. I am an employee at LA Quinta located at paradise rd las Vegas ,nv. I am confidentially reporting a racist remark made by Carmen whitford. During a management meeting she claimed to wanting only a Latina group of housekeepers. Jenn Sandoval the supervisor was at the meeting and did nothing about it.

Currently Carmen whitford has hired all Hispanic workers, none of them which hardly speak English in which the guests complain that they need a housekeeper that speaks fluent English. But cannot get the service they require because of that. This is discrimination at its finest. We need corporate to hear our voices, Carmen whitford has an major turnover of workers that have been fired and quit. I want manager, ceo or any one that can do something and resolve this issue. My wife and I recently spent 4 nights at the La Quinta in Ft.

Lauderdale Sawhrass Mills Outlet Mall location and have only positive comments to make. The facility itself was addiquite and the price was fair. Everyone we came in contact,with was helpful and friendly. A young women named Allison who worked at the front desk was exceptionly friendly and helpful.

My wife and I have been traveling for several weeks and have stayed at a dozen hotels but this was our first experience at a LaQuinta and thanks to Allison we will return to LaQuinta as we continue our travels.

I do not know her last name but I felt I needed to,let La Quinta management know they have an outstanding representative of their company working at this location! My family and I arrived at the hotel Thursday and checked in and took our luggage up to the room. My two girls 6,9 , wanted to swim so my wife changes them quick, grabbed our beach towels for the boardwalk and took them down as soon as we got there since it was open till 10 and it was about pm.

Around pm I received a call from my leadership 1SG stating that my pass had been revoked and I had to go back. I explained my situation to the gentleman and lady working that night and they understood completely and felt bad for my girls.

However, being a member of the Armed forces sometimes calls for last minute changes. We went up stairs took our luggage off of the bed that we had not unpacked, my wife changed them out of their bathing suits and we left. The gentleman at the desk said not to worry about it, that the room was canceled and there would be no charges and they thanked me for my service and dedication to our country.

I call in today and the lady I spoke with was rude to me, and tried to tell me that we used the room, took a shower, filled up the trash cans and completely messed up the beds and that is why I was being charged, when I asked about the rate, she had no answer. I am requesting a refund in a full amount for the erroneous charge. This needs a resolution quickly! I have several installers that we set up to use the LaQuinta Returns program since we use LaQuinta almost exclusively for our business.

We have points acXXXXulated for each of our installers and all of a sudden cannot utilize the points because the passwords have been updated. I was told by customer service that each installer must call in and add an email to their account and add me so I can access it. I contacted customer service about my recent hotel stay in Jackaon. I explained to them how my room was giving away, night auditor had me running around checking rooms at 3am when I know he knew which rooms required maintenance.

The only helpful person was Bryan. The response I got basically was its been handled. So I will take my business to a hotel that does.

Very disappointed in the lack of response. Hotel is old, dirty, smelly, door would not properly close. Did not get maid service on Thurs, , had to call down to front desk to get someone to come up and clean the room left the door unlocked door was left open after he cleaned.

The restaurant next door is awful, staff did not speak english. Overall I would never stay at this hotel again. The in-laws got a lot better service from the one in Conroe! Sincerely Tina Woodle tpryor at gt. I have been staying at this LaQuinta since and was not at all happy wit the service I received June 17!

I had booked 5 rooms in person for a wedding the weekend of June I arrived on Wednesday to finalize plans with my daughter.

Family arrived June 17 and their rooms were NOT ready until 5 p. We had rehearsal at 6 and this late entry almost caused my family to miss the practice!

I was appalled by her response and attitude. I know nothing will be done about this incident but in times past, this was the BEST hotel in Huntsville. Sincerely, Tina Woodle Sent from my iPhone I apologized you had to wait for your rooms to get cleaned, the room attendant worked as fast as she could to get them done.

We knew about your request, we cannot control what time or how dirty a room will be once its vacated. I went as far to get someone at front desk to help her so that you and your family could be accommodated as close as possible.

Other rooms were available but you and your family refused these other rooms, my staff and I did our best. I am shocked that you are so defensive. This response lacks professionalism and does not take responsibility for your job-which is to take care of your guests. At least show that you care about the negative experience rather than blaming the guest.

Appalled how a displaced family is given a 2 week evacuate notice by a front desk clerk relaying the message from a manager after the thousands of dollars spent.

I will let the republicans group here and all in the town know how LaQuinta is cold hearted to those who have already lost everything!!!! The most shocking is how this Rockwall location does not tell ANYONE about the contract they have with the criminals, drug addicts threw a rehabilitation program that stay weekly every week a new group. FIrst off, I am a transgender woman who applied for a job vacancy housekeeper at the local property and spoke with the general manager about my application, after speaking for a few minutes he said there was more to application than I listed and wanted to know why I was applying for the housekeeping position.

I did not want disclose the reason that I was applying however the manager pressed the issue and ultimately I disclosed my gender to the manager. I was told that he would speak to the executive housekeeper about possibly becoming part of the team and was told to contact the manager a few days later.

After calling back I was told that he would call me later as he was very busy. Today I got the email from the company informing me that I was not selected for the position. I spoke with the manager and I was told that he hired someone else who would start as a housekeeper and have the potential to move up. I heard from a reliable source that I was selected due to the fact that I am transgender. I took pictures but there was dog hair in the bathroom all on the side of the toilet and the floor behind the toilet and the toilet looked as though it had NEVER been cleaned.

The room was so dirty that I felt inclined to go to the store and buy my own blanket and disinfectant wipes. I booked a room online for a night in Springfield MO I then canceled the reservation online. I checked my account the next day and noticed a three hundred twenty one dollar withdrawal from my account I have been in contact with the hotel but can not get any answers I am hoping this will get someone to call me back. We were in room reservation number and folio number The ceiling was damage from a toilet leak, the carpet smell of urine and feces.

There was blood on the sheet and the comfort on the bed by the window. The green drape was unhook on the left side of the window and the white curtains had what look like blood stains on them. The food at the breakfast look like it had been there for years. The bread was hard, and the oatmeal packs seem like they had been there for ages. The whole hotel looked dirty.

I would never stay there again. Fixtures not working in room phones not working, pubic hair in sheets, curdled milk. No No No this is not good. Now on the good side i did talk to Blanca Pearson and was assured that the rest of our stay would be fixed and better… so..

Ty and wow what a mess. I have used this hotel a few times but now I am so disgusted with the bed and all the dog poop all over the place it makes my skin shiver, my god that is disgusting dog poop by the elevator also by the door exiting the building. The most disgusting stay ever. Stayed with team at La Quinta in Tacoma. Lobby was under construction. Tradesman cutting wood — drywall dust and sawdust everywhere.

Rooms were not clean — dust everywhere. Iron covered in black goop and ruined sweater. Front desk clerk Kayla extremely rude and condescending. Breakfast was of the lowest quality. There are not enough words to describe how gross our stay was, how poorly the staff treated us and how unsafe the property was. I travel for a living and would prefer to stay in a tent in a parking lot than at a La Quinta. My family and I are so dissapointed with this current stay. I booked a room for three nights.

When we first arrived I confirmed our stay and went to our rooms to unpack. Upon leaving our room we were greeted by a huge dog whom charged towards my one year-old grandson and myself. The owner gained control and went into their room. Our rooms and the dog was in I approached the desk and informed the manger KB of the events. I do have a problem of not being made aware I was booked on a floor with pets. I booked an executive suite which include two doubles and a sleeper sofa.

When it was time for bed the first night I found there was no bedding for the sleeper. So again contacted front desk to inform them. Went to front desk to receive bedding. Once I got back to room I was surprise to find one sheet and ten pillow cases. We had to go back to front desk and obtain proper bedding.

Day two we arrive to our rooms around To find rooms werent cleaned. No fresh towels, no toilet tissue , kleenex, garbage not taken out. Went to the front desk and was informed that the manager would be in 7: The ladies where very helpful.

There where other suites available that werent on the pet floor. This is the second night of no rest. First night barking dog and tonight I up making a compliant. I was hinted my email will possibly be romoved. We were a group of 5 traveling to Salem Or. We stayed at the La Quinta in Salem on Hawthorne in Nov and had a great experience so we decided to again stay for our Feb. Upon arrival the first 3 of our group arrived on tues. One of our managers who made the reservations was not in this first arrival but arrived with our director the following day and they were received by front desk staff with rude very bad customer service.

I had given the great clerk our company card which she had no problem getting us all checked in knowing the other 2 people would arrive the following day and all would be fine but it was not fine. The clerk made rude remarks about the manager who made the reservation that was beyond wrong and they were beginning to think they were not going to get their rooms.

Then the very bad experience just continued on from there. Our rooms had many issues around not being clean. Bedding had very bad smell like it had not been washed.

Rude employees speaking to one another in another language as they chose not to be responsive to complaints by our group. The final straw was when a maid without knocking walked in one of our rooms did not call out before entering and one of our group was not dressed when this maid walked in and just stood there. Made some remark about she did not expect anyone to be in room this late. We received not apologies for any of our issues in fact quite the opposite the staff just made rude remarks.

But because of this very bad experience we will not return to this place. We asked to speak with manager and were told he is not here and no one seemed to know when he would be on site. His name is Mr. We have stayed at many facilities and if something was wrong we would at least be given a sincere apology and often something to make the mistake more palatable like free night or some sort of positive response to show their sincere apology.

This is a significant loss of revenue that we would have given to this establishment but will not because of this experience. The front desk people are not polite at all and the supervisor Ashley Blair is very unhelpful and has an attitude with all customers.

Their attitudes do not make the guests feel welcome at all. Another employee that is not friendly is Orlando. So overall I am a very upset customer and will not recommend La Quinta at our location.

In Oct I started working as housekeeping. Meanwhile all she did was do the beds. If you do housekeeping you suppose to clean tub,toilet seat,sink and u also suppose to sweep and mop the bathroom floor.

You are also suppose to clean all headboards,dressers,make sure the sheets are not stained or wrinkle and always vacuum to prevent bedbugs and that something that is never done there. If it was me renting a room I would make sure everything was clean and spotless and smelling good. But most important people there are not friendly to customers that stay there. O and they never have sheets or towels extra.

I really hope one day someone from the Coorporate will come without letting them know and surprised them. But unfortunately, it just boils down to poor management and greed along with politics i am afraid. We were warmly greeted by the front desk clerk about 8: She asked if we had children or pets and I said yes a 13 yr old Black Lab but he will stay in the truck. She informed me that pets can stay in the room at no extra charge.

What a nice surprise, after traveling for 15 hours it was nice to get our dog out of the truck to stretch and walk around a little in the room. We just got the room and the phone rang, it was the front desk clerk wondering how we liked the room. It was very spacious, the bathroom very clean and the bed comfortable.

We only stayed 1 night but I liked the little frig, microwave and coffee maker in the room. I think the front desk clerk was LuAnn but not positive — give her a pat on the back for a job well done as well as the night clerk who we met us at our door when leaving at 5 a.

We will definitely stay at LaQuina in Sioux Falls again in our travels. Thanks for a nice stay. I had stayed at the LaQuinta in Walker La for 3 days i will say the housekeeping staff is bad i walked by one room and found 2 employees laying on a bed then my room had dirty sheets towels and wash cloths.

This hotel was my worst. I made a reservation online and I followed up with a phone call to make sure that it was a double bed room and a non smoking room. Jean, the clerk who I spoke to today at 3: I said to her thanks for the lesson but my question was if they are working now. I have been staying at the La Quinta Inns since At one time I was an Elite member.

In the beginning the rooms were basically clean, breakfast supplies were adequate and the staff seemed to care. The past 3 years the Georgetown, TX property has gone steadily downhill and this year apparently has hit bottom. Had it not been or the location, I would not have stayed at this motel the past 2 times. I would not be able to justify staying at this property again. The room, bathroom and furniture were gross. I still want to take a shower whenever I think of the place. I took plenty of pictures, as I have a feeling no one in the position to make changes has ever checked out the rooms.

My next move is to report this to the health board. Anyone suffering from a lowered immune system would be at risk at this property. This is no joke and no exaggeration. I cancel my reservation and was charged a no show fee 4 days I had to call in order to speak with the general manager never spoke to him he communicated in email. I know what that means. I am going to start off by saying that I have not seen such a filthy, disgusting room in my life.

We checked into the hotel, which by the way, was in quite a nice area. It is next door to Fresh Market Village that has some lovely shops and restaurants. The front staff was very pleasant and accommodating. Prior to us checking in, she was checking in a homeless person who apparently had panhandled enough money to get a room for a shower and a bed.

But we went ahead and paid for our rooms after ensuring we were no where near this person. We went upstairs to the room and, after the shock of the filth, shabbiness, dreary room, we called another hotel, booked our rooms and went downstairs to check out and get our money back.

Again, a very accommodating staff person not sure how she keeps her confidence up and we fled the hotel as fast as we could. Being rewards members my husband and I always stay at LaQuinta Inns….

We were given our keys to a room on the 3rd floor. When We got off the elevator we could smell a strong odor of smoke and when we entered our room it also reeked of cigarette smoke and the smoke detector was hanging off the wall. I went to the front desk and was greeted by a young man and when I told him about the cigarette smoking odor and questioned it being a nonsmoking facility he told me that what I was saying was alleged. I asked him if he thought I was lying and told him to go check the room and he said that was ok that he would change my room.

This time my husband went to the front desk and the young man went and checked the room and saw that the matress was stained and said that he would change our room and give us a discount.

This room was on the 1st floor and again I checked the matresses and they were stained also and the matress cover had a cigarette burn hole in it. This is when we decided that this LaQuinta was not for us! We packed up and went to competitor hotel in Tarrytown, NY and slept like a baby.

I have never experienced a hotel as disgusting as I had in the LaQuinta in Elmsford and the front desk staff needs to be trained on how tomhandle issues of this kind.

I did receive a voicemal from a man named Rich asking for me to call him back. So here I am writing here hoping that someone from corporate will resolve the disgusting conditions at LaQuinta in in Elmsford. Anyways Saturday evening we decided to go out to eat, but before we left we called for housekeeping just to get tissue because there was none in the room.

When the housekeeper came we told her we didnt want service and that tissue was all we needed! There were a number of high end stores in the mall. Clean, safe, and great Not as big as the Lakeside Mall but easier to find and some bargains to be had. There is extensive refurbishment work going on outside so a bit awkward to get to if you are disabled There are quite a few independent stores and plenty I was very surprised to see this nice upgrade of stores since the last time I visited New Orleans.

Good place but small compared to major malls which is good. I'm not a big shopper but found that the Riverwalk had a little of something for everyone. Good plact to eat when you have to get a rest from cajun food for a little I took my family and my daughter friend for a weekend outing.

Located at the end of Canal street between the Morial Convention center and the Aquarium Its a small outlet mall, convenient as its right in the centre of town Its got a few good shops and eateries, a few dozen in total. When I visit it was pretty much deserted. Lovely shopping area and good way to avoid the thunderstorms. A shop for every taste and you could end up spending quite a bit. Flights Vacation Rentals Restaurants Things to do.

All of your saved places can be found here in My Trips. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk. Shopping , Factory Outlets. Mon - Sat Reviewed 1 week ago. Reviewed 2 weeks ago. The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk is the nation's first downtown outlet center.

We are a vibrant waterfront destination offering upscale fashion, local culinary flavors and the revelry one would expect to find in the City of New Orleans.

Open Now Hours Today: Does this place or activity have parking?


Featuring over 75 retailers and restaurants on the majestic Mississippi River in New Orleans and offering shoppers & diners an experience like no other. Featuring national retailers for the first time in New Orleans, shoppers can indulge in all of their favorite brands at The Outlet Collection at Riverwalk. The Outlet Collection Riverwalk New Orleans is located in New Orleans, Louisiana and offers 98 stores - Scroll down for The Outlet Collection Riverwalk New Orleans outlet shopping information: store list, locations, outlet mall hours, contact and address.3/5(3).

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