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The microwave frequency used in the Kakita study was the standard MHz used in conventional microwave ovens. Other brands or merchandise may be excluded. In a series of studies not specifically involving microwaves, these investigators established that certain ions can stimulate DNA breakage and OH radical production Kashige eta al , Kashige et al Penn State Nittany Notes. Electron microscopy had been used to study the bacteriocidal effects of microwaves Rosaspina , and these results also showed that microwaves had effects that were distinguishable from those of external heating.

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Homelessness. Homelessness is a complex issue that affects students in many different ways. In order to assist the students of Penn State York in meeting their needs, a list of resources have been developed to provide them with avenues to access.
82 reviews of Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
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82 reviews of Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

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Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and A good choice for lion roar shirt buyers. This gold lion shirt is a nice kids birthday shirt or Fathers day shirt for dads. In summary, it would seem there is reason to believe that the microwave effect does indeed exist, even if it cannot yet be adequately explained.

What we know at present is somewhat limited, but there may be enough information already available to form a viable hypothesis. The possibility that electromagnetic radiation in the non-ionizing frequency range can cause genetic damage may have profound implications on the current controversy involving EM antennae, power lines, and cell phones. The second stage of this process may very well be the accumulation of oxygen radicals, which would certainly seem to be primary suspects as they have a considerable propensity for dissociating the covalent bonds of DNA.

Oxygen radicals can be generated by the disruption of a hydrogen bond on a water molecule. These water molecules share a hydrogen bond with component atoms of the DNA backbone, including carbon, nitrogen and other oxygen atoms. At any given point in time one of the hydrogen atoms may be primarilly bonded to either an oxygen atom on the water molecule, or to an oxygen or other atom on the DNA backbone.

The fluctuating character of these shared and exchanged bonds is enhanced by temperature and by the dynamics induced by microwaves. Although the amount of oxygen radicals which may be produced by this process cannot presently be determined, the production of some number of oxygen radicals is inevitable in these circumstances. It must be noted here though, that most of the oxygen radicals produced in this manner would exist only briefly, as they would almost immediately bond to the nearest available site.

If this site is an oxygen atom on the DNA backbone, we get a covalent bond break, albeit probably only a brief one. Although DNA tends to repair itself naturally, the simultaneous breakage of a sufficient number of covalent bonds would lead to a catastrophic failure of the entire DNA molecule. Due to the exceedingly large number of bonds involved, the matter boils down to a reproducible function of pure probabilities. In other words, after a set and reproducible amount of time determined by probability functions, you would expect to see DNA disintegration.

And so, what we have is a two-stage process of DNA covalent bond breakage resulting from oxygen radicals generated by microwave irradiation. This is one theory, and it awaits experimental verification.

An alternate theory comes from investigators at Fukuoka University in Japan. In a series of studies not specifically involving microwaves, these investigators established that certain ions can stimulate DNA breakage and OH radical production Kashige eta al , Kashige et al They also determined that amino sugars and derivatives could induce DNA strand breakage Kashige et al It is possible that microwaves may be causing generation of cupric ions and hydroxyl radicals, and that auto-oxidation of aminosugars in solution are involved in DNA strand breakage Watanabe et al , Watanabe et al The link between microwaves and these secondary products remains to be established.

Microwaves made simple, principles and applications. Biological effects and dosimetry of nonionizing radiation. New York, Plenum Press.

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