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The designer look of laced detailed on the long sleeve top blouse design can be the perfect match for a party wear. A blouse with laced sleeves and sequined neck border is a designer lace top blouse for women. See More: Lace Top Designs. 9. Summer Floral Blouse Tops.

Cell Stuff Easily make cell phone cases almost entirely on the embroidery machine. Blouses are often made of cotton or silk cloth and may or may not include a collar and sleeves. The designs include continuous lines, and wonderful motifs to sprinkle over all of your work. Striking Designs which can be combined to make very large designs.

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We have blouses for everyone – from clean classics to season’s must-haves.
Cassock, cassock alb, clergy blouse, cassock suits (for ladies), clergy shirt, hoodie, T-shirt, surplice and other general wear for the clergy.
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A real revolution of fashion is underway. To discover cheap plus size clothing, find no further than Rosegal’s collection. If you've browsed through our wonderful array of plus size blouses and leggings and done shopping for trendy clothing, fret not.

It was founded in by Dele Momodu. Looking for the Best Ankara skirt and blouse styles? Here we have collected a few pictures of designs we think you would sur Expecting mothers can all agree that a good maternity dress is an essential to a comfortable maternity wardrobe. In this article, we have se About Us Privacy Policy. Contact Us Home Terms and Conditions. Latest Ankara Styles Off shoulder blouse tops look amazing on a beach outing.

Picnic spots can be best celebrated with an off shoulder top blouse with shorts paired with it. Cap sleeves are one most used style of sleeves on top blouses for a dynamic chic look. Ladies can try a high collar cap sleeve stitch on white blouses with pair of high waist parallel pants. Collar top blouses look fabulous on working days. A top blouse with a sailor collar design on shirts looks pretty ravishing on women at work. Crop top blouses are sexy looking gorgeous designs. Women who love to wear sparkly sexy and bold to wear transparent tops can wear such a beautiful laced crop top blouse with pair of parallel trousers or long cut skirts.

Top blouses can be decorated with golden and pearl beads too. A tank top blouse with such glittering beads can be a party wear. Such a designer blouse can be great pair with long skirts on a dance floor. Laces are pretty looking on women. The designer look of laced detailed on the long sleeve top blouse design can be the perfect match for a party wear. Ever since I experienced the almost ethereal experience of listening to a bell choir, I have tried to translate the aural beauty into a visual treat.

Here is the result of my love of the sounds of a bell choir. Bell Choir is available in either Applique or Standard versions. Floral Designs reminiscent of 18th century textiles. Each design comes in two versions, one to host host Heat Fixed Crystals and one where every part is embroidered. The beetles in this set deserve the accolades heaped on them by the ancient Egyptians; the included dragonflies are worthy of the attention given them by Tiffany.

The butterflies add grace. Delicately beautiful designs using a wing needle to produce the airy look of heirloom sewing. A new design set with all of the right elements to help you create beautiful garments.

The designs include continuous lines, and wonderful motifs to sprinkle over all of your work. Check out the Cadeau Embroidery designs, a gift for yourself. Choosing a name for a design set is always interesting. In this case, the designs are hexagons. I have other design sets made up of hexagons so the obvious names are taken. See our Hexed design set. When I looked up Hexagons and Hexes and Hexed in my trusty thesaurus I was reminded that a hex is a spell. Easily make cell phone cases almost entirely on the embroidery machine.

Choose a case to attach to the strap of your purse or sew up a bag to hang over your shoulder or around your neck. Some designs are beautiful and some designs are useful.

These designs are both. Whether you scatter them haphazardly over a purchased top or carefully arrange them in lines down the front of a jacket, they'll look spectacular and make you look spectacular.

Place a grid of these across a table runner, down the edge of a pillow, across the pocket of a bag. They just look beautiful! An innovative design set for constructing coasters for your wine glasses with all work done on your embroidery machine. A festive set of designs perfect for adding to your puchased jacket,the bottom of a skirt, a pillow or even your new Kindle cover or laptop case.

The set includes a very large arrangment broken down for multi-hooping for a variety of hoop sizes. Practice mult-hooping and create a beautiful art piece for your clothing, your walls, your home decor or your quilts. For centuries the Japanese have added personal touches to their kimono with family crests. We've taken our favorite crests, added color and a unique use of texture, and created unforgettable designs, the Crested Beaut Design sets. There are 3 wonderful sets to choose from.

A design set inspired by the crown jewels of Europe. Each design comes in three versions, one to host host Heat Fixed Crystals and one where every part is embroidered, and sleek version with now jewels included. Elegant animals made to host crystals or be used without. These unusual creatures will beguile you with their charm. Stitch up a few on your favorite outfit, home dec project or quilt.

An Amazing 89 designs ranging from the diamond arrangement shown here to beautiful squares to piece, to overall stippled designs dotted with stars. The set includes designs for youir jeans pockets.

Bobbi couldn't stop once she had started and you're the beneficiary. Make sure you download your sample design. I've always been intrigued by cutwork, the idea of controlling the edge of your project.

The Cutting Edge Designs feature a strong, beautiful design in 4 versions so your continuous line have variety and excitement.

The art and fashion of the roaring twenties is as relevant and modern today as it was ninety years ago. What an inspiration for us all. They inspired me to produce this lovely set filled with multiple continuous lines, stand-alone jewels, frames and large designs. Reminiscent of Moroccan nights and exotic Kasbah's these dazzling designs work beautifully stitched individually or in groups. Add them to clothing, home dec or quilts. Use the applique version, the versions with crystals or without.

The Diva Designs are perfect for the sewing Diva. Whether it's embellishing your favorite purchased jacket, or highlighting a square on a quilt, or even adding a line to a pillow-case these designs will work for you. With one of the 4 included luscious embroidery designs you can create a holder for your CDs and or DVDs that reflects the beauty within. Imagine yourself in an elvin grove populated with gnarled old trees and the faint voices of the little folks.

You stumble on a chest filled with jewels. As you gloat in your good fortune an ominous shadow falls, the dragon guardian of the chest towers over you I decided to release these designs when my work led me to digitize a variety of flowers and grids and leaves found in vintage Japanese stencil designs. All of these designs can be used as stand-alone designs or in groups.

Take a look at the chair I covered using these designs. A Set of 12 Flowered Squares, each in 2 sizes. Square Set 1 - Medium 5. Square set 2 - Large 7. We have three things to say about this fabulous new design set, spectacular, usable and a great value. With 68 designs in the set, the designs are such a good deal! Each design was created with a special use in mind. The little motifs were made to sprinkle across the front of a blouse.

The spiral was made for a pillow. Ranging from small bouquets of botanical beauty to stunning floral frames. The crystals peak out from within the blossoms, twinkling exquisitely. This set will add Spring to any project. The first sign of spring each year are the sweet green buds opening slowly but steadily. This year spring was particularly welcome as we had cold rain and snow late into the season.

We embraced the small signs that the seasons were turning. This set includes graceful leafy branches, luscious vines covered with leaves, laced with flowers and a bold edge design. When Bobbi started digitizing this set she couldn't shut off the creativity. She kept making design after design.

Isn't it amazing that something as industrial as gears can be so graceful. Add a bit of beauty and grace to your next project with these wonderful designs. Inspired by a unique fiber artist, Alabama Chanin, the Georgia Chanting Design set has a variety of designs utilizing a unique technigue for combining knit fabrics. The designs add texture and beauty. Though the designs were originally made for use with knits they can also be stitched on wovens as a cut-edge applique.

Some of the designs are set up so you can piece in the hoop in a manner similar to paper piecing. Some of the designs are complete as a single hexagon.

A set of design tessellations. Use the beautiful hexagon shapes individually or combine them to create mega-designs. Designs have 2 versions. One with place makers for crystals, one with out.

Large and small hexagons are included. Use the trees alone or in their quilt square stippled versions to easily product projects with the Quilt-As-You-Go technique. Enjoy playing with the various motifs by scattering them anywhere and everywhere.

Try one of the continuous line designs down the front of a blouse. Use a variety of the motifs close together to cover the front of a jacket. The flowers and beauty of our garden inspired me to make these designs. They are a combination of circles and continuous lines made to add beauty to all your projects.

Add beauty to your clothing, your decorative items and gifts with these delicate, airy designs. The perfect accent for any of your projects. Swirling, swooping lines of stitching, the perfect light touch to add to any project. Sometimes a design set touches everyone who sees it. Sew out one our sample design, add crystals and see what we mean. The designs in this set are stunning! With satin-stitched flowers laid over a grid of line stitched flowers and lovely florals sewn across backgrounds of trapezoidal grids.

Sometimes, simple and beautiful designs are the most versatile.

Designer Blouses Update a tried and tested line-up with this season's most sought after designer blouses at Farfetch. Find entrancing printed designs from the likes of Chloé and Etro, or go for a subdued sense of opulence with a neutral color from Lanvin. Free shipping on designer tops for women at membhobbdownload-zy.ga Shop tees, blouses, sweaters & more women's designer tops. Totally free shipping & returns. The designer look of laced detailed on the long sleeve top blouse design can be the perfect match for a party wear. A blouse with laced sleeves and sequined neck border is a designer lace top blouse for women. See More: Lace Top Designs. 9. Summer Floral Blouse Tops.

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