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Whether you’re a briefs guy or can’t get out of the boxer-briefs vacuum since , men’s underwear has come a long way. Shop our picks for the best mens underwear options for 1.

The discovery of odourless socks is no mean feat for feet — but their gentrification messes with their whole socks appeal. From the Guardian archive The flowering of men's underwear - fashion archive.

Underwear goes on show at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Media Monkey Bacon-scented underwear? It's enough to put you off your breakfast. A brief history of underwear: From the Guardian archive Flaunting fashions on the Kings Road. Fashion archive, 7 July Fashion blog Boxer shorts — the new underwear-as-outerwear trend?

Underwear-as-outerwear used to mean bras worn as tops. Think of it as luxe-loungewear — posh pyjamas for summer. Waist and leg band stretch: You want to feel resistance without it feeling stiff. We looked for boxer briefs that moved with our bodies without overstretching or loosening during the day. Underwear can change from good to terrible in several hours if the elasticity in these areas stretches out. A well-designed pouch should contour and flatter your body, while supporting you as you move through the day.

All our picks are moderately contoured for a variety of body shapes and sizes. Aesthetically, the pouch is vital to accentuating the inherent shape of the male form. A good pouch should appear just barely loose when the underwear are held aloft, feel snug without overly cupping your body while worn, and keep you cool and moisture free. The rest of the underwear should also feel comfortable. We chose to test the most popular models with flies and all our picks come with a traditional vertical access fly, with flat seams to reduce chafing.

If you want extra support, or tend to have a more active day, you may enjoy the flyless designs from Saxx or Mack Weldon. With these measures in mind, we narrowed our list to 13 models to test. I did the first round of testing personally, wearing every pair for several days, running errands during a rainy couple of weeks in Hawaii in a sort of humidity stress test.

I ran each pair through 10 wash and dry cycles to re-create some long-term wear as well. I looked closely after those washings for inconsistent fabric wear, stretching, or pilling. From that initial assessment we selected five models for further testing: Next, we sent each of our eight testers the five pairs of underwear. These people represented a diverse range of body shapes, sizes, and gender identities.

Over the course of a week, they tried on all the pairs, wore each around for a day, and rated each model for softness, comfort, and enjoyment. The testers also washed and dried each pair. Afterward they ranked their overall favorites. Saxx has discontinued the 24 Seven line. We still prefer Saxx underwear, and are testing two lines—the Ultra and Undercover —as possible replacement picks.

The Saxx 24 Seven boxer briefs are the best all-around underwear we tested. The fabric stands out for its super-soft texture and the way it hugs the body, almost like a second skin. Our testers also preferred their pouch construction over those of other sets.

The 24 Seven, made of 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex, was one of the softest and most pliable pairs of underwear we tested, and more supportive than many blended-fabric pairs we tried. Only the Mack Weldon boxer briefs were rated just a touch softer by our testers, but we preferred the lighter overall weight and moisture absorbency of the 24 Seven boxer briefs.

Ultimately, I preferred their overall stretch and cling against my legs. They felt like they stayed in place longer, more like a second skin than the other two picks, which I became more aware of as the day drew on. Every model of Saxx underwear comes with a unique pouch design: Testers also noted how flattering the pouch felt. Its shape and construction stood out consistently in our testing notes when the Saxx design was compared with that of other brands.

Is this unique pouch design absolutely necessary? Throughout the day we felt like we needed to adjust ourselves less, if at all, while wearing the Saxx boxer briefs. Only one pair has developed a small hole on the left thigh, which I may have snagged on a splinter from a bed post. None of the pairs I bought have lost their shape—if anything they feel as if they fit me better now than when I first took them out of the box.

Our other testers backed up my own experience. They do the trick. Not too soft, but not stiff. They keep things front and center. And the centered brand makes me feel like a boxer in a sexy boxing match— pow! However, they are made of a heavier-feeling fabric and have a more traditional pouch than our main pick. They also require a little more care when washing. During hot-weather testing, the extra weight of the Mack Weldon boxer briefs felt a little too insulated and warm.

Not uncomfortable but more noticeable than with the lighter fabric that Saxx uses. The piqué is weaved in such a way to create an almost meshlike material that helps vent heat away from the body. The quality of the materials and construction is evident from the moment you pick these up. Our testers seemed almost conflicted with how fancy they felt while wearing this brand.

Similar to the Saxx boxer briefs, the Mack Weldon underwear went through multiple wash-and-dry cycles without losing shape or softness. One tester ran them through a medium-warm cycle and noted that the fabric pilled after that.

Hanes makes good-quality underwear at an affordable price. If you want most of the benefits—soft fabrics, a flattering pouch, and a supportive design—of the modern premium brand for less than half the price, Hanes offers these in its Comfort Flex Fit boxer briefs. Both Mack Weldon and Saxx use higher-quality fabrics, and have more structured pouches and better seams around the leg holes, which hold them in place more securely.

The Comfort Flex Fit underwear from Hanes is an updated version of its mainstay underwear line. Hanes, similar to Mack Weldon, uses a cotton, spandex, and modal fabric blend. Our testers were impressed with the softness of the Hanes fabric, but many had doubts about the loud branding.

The longer inseam protects against chafing farther down the thigh. However, the extra leg fabric can bunch up or ride around if they start to loosen.

It felt like they were freshening things up. Unfortunately, the Supimas were unavailable in the necessary sizes for our testing panel before our publishing date. Saxx has discontinued our top pick , the 24 Seven line. These boxer briefs are very soft, affordable, and plainly designed. Tommy John Boxer Brief:

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